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TSUKASA Enka Comment

Da Ameba sich mal wieder entschieden hat, Wartungsarbeiten durchzuführen, hab ich gedacht, ich poste es einfach hier. Passt ja auch ganz gut zum Rest. 

So as many of you noticed, Tsukasa is going to be a guest at an Enka event on June 8th.
And look how happy he is about this opportunity. And he's a very good example that it's possible to achieve your dreams.
In the past we'd always said that he could sing Enka to public, but he always said "no, I'm not a singer". But still we believed in him and supported him, even though he kept himself small.

And now, he was asked by Koji Handa to be part of his Friendly Concert.
Really, even this is kind of old news, I'm still very happy for him, because it's that what he always wanted to do. And in return he inspired me to stick to my own dreams, no matter how hard it is.
So I'll say thank you, really really thank you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Sorry for any sentimental words... or not (laughs)



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