Tuesday, July 22, 2014

They're back.... Not.

So... I wanted to make an entry just one week ago, but unfortunately I didn't. 
But that also means that you have to read all that stuff now, lol.

In the morning I checked the notifications on my phone and got two on LINE. Jacciez just send me a picture with "errr your Karyu" and I just thought "My Karyu? In which parallel universe am I?" *laughs*
She send me D'espairsRay's new Twitter icon...

Even though it looks like a comeback, it isn't. Well, at least it's for an event which I'm truly happy about. They would have loads of work if it would be (I just think about Tsukasa who would have to deal with three projects)
We will see what the time will bring to us, I mean, we've waited three years already, it's just a trifle to wait another three.

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