Friday, August 22, 2014

Hamburg Dungeon & DOM

Finally we were visiting the Hamburg Dungeon! I was so looking forward to this for a long time since I found out about it. I'd liked to go with my sister, but she didn't wanted to. What a shame! I can definitely say that she missed a lot of fun and it wasn't scary at all!
Quite the reverse! It was very funny and I laughed a lot (especially when our battlecry against the execution of Störtebeker was decided) For me the most uncomfortable situation was just the Zuchthaus where a cage with a lunatic inside was in the middle of the room and then the lights went out. But to be afraid of the dark is some kind of basic instinct.

Afterwards we drove to the Hamburger DOM , ate something there, went all over place and than drove back home, having backache and bleeding feet. 

But overall it was a fantastic day and I'd love to go back there <3

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