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Tierpark Hagenbeck

Endlich Sommer! Und was macht man im Sommer? Klar, Blog schreiben!!
Es ist ja schon wieder eine Ewigkeit her, als ich meinen letzten Post veröffentlicht hab, aber jetzt ist es endlich soweit!

Am 28.06. waren wir unterwegs in den Tierpark. Allerdings war BUDNI-Tag, somit war es ziemlich voll mit unausstehlichen Kindern und noch viel unausstehlicheren Eltern.

Alles in allem war es ein schöner Tag. Wir haben uns auch das Eismeer angesehen, wo ich allerdings sagen muss, dass die Eisbären etwas Sorgen machen. Der lief immer hin und her und ließ die Zunge schon raushängen und wirkte etwas verstört... Da kann man echt nur hoffen, dass das kein Dauerzustand ist!!


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BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her 'Serendipity' Comeback Trailer

These were the purest 151 seconds I could ever imagine. I as a Jimin stan was absolutely satisfied (even though I can't handle this man with a cat).
It's one of those love songs that probably would play while I am laying on the ground watching the stars with my boyfriend. That was the first imagination that I had in mind. Actually it fills my head with all these cute and romantic stuff which suits Chim Chim so well. But this is also a song where I hope he's not dancing, and I love his dancing very very much. I adore it, but for this one I just see him sitting on a chair while aspirating these lovely words into the microphone (because it already sounds like as if he's whispering into my ear).
I can't wait for the videos of the other members and I am very curious what they sound like. I don't understand the concept by now, but that isn't what matters to me primarily, I just enjoy good music & entertainment, and that's what it is.

[Translation] D'espairsRay Interview Peach Vol. 31


After their successful concerts in Europe we had the chance to ask the four guys of D’espairsRay about their 11th anniversary and to draw one or another personal secret.
Peach: It’s one year ago since your last time in Germany. There were three dates for Germany on your schedule this year too. Do you feel like at home? ZERO: I feel like at home, somehow.
TSUKASA: I love it, when the atmosphere at concerts is raising and the beer tastes good! Peach: What connects you with Europe, especially with Germany? HIZUMI: Soccer, because it had the World Cup.
Karyu: Rammstein.
ZERO: German Pom Frites, Frankfurter sausages, beer – and the hot Rock soul!
TSUKASA: Beer, Frankfurter and Pom Frites.

Peach: The three concerts in Munich, Bochum and Berlin were sold out. How do you think about your German Fans who come so numerous to your concerts? KARYU: I love them all!
ZERO: With every concert it’s getting more people who come to see us. I’m happy that they  receive us warmly every time, even if we …

TSUKASA Enka Comment

Da Ameba sich mal wieder entschieden hat, Wartungsarbeiten durchzuführen, hab ich gedacht, ich poste es einfach hier. Passt ja auch ganz gut zum Rest. 

So as many of you noticed, Tsukasa is going to be a guest at an Enka event on June 8th.
And look how happy he is about this opportunity. And he's a very good example that it's possible to achieve your dreams.
In the past we'd always said that he could sing Enka to public, but he always said "no, I'm not a singer". But still we believed in him and supported him, even though he kept himself small.

And now, he was asked by Koji Handa to be part of his Friendly Concert.
Really, even this is kind of old news, I'm still very happy for him, because it's that what he always wanted to do. And in return he inspired me to stick to my own dreams, no matter how hard it is.
So I'll say thank you, really really thank you. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Sorry for any sentimental words... or not (laughs)